Ancient Methods of Urotherapy Application

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Whole Body Healing, Intestinal Issues, Overall Well-Being

This is the #1 most popular method of urine therapy.  This has the power to transform your overall health in a matter of days to weeks. 

Dosage and Process Guidance: 

  • From a clean stream of urine, especially in the morning, the first few drops and the last few drops ARE NOT USED.
  • Catch mid-stream for the highest potency and clarity. 
  • Drink all of the urine your body produces
  • Many people start with drops under the tongue and ease in
  • You can mix with juice or herbal teas 


Eyes, Nose, Sinuses

This technique is for healing problems with your eyes, nose, or sinuses.

Dosage and Process Guidance: 

  • Use fresh urine only for this treatment
  • One nostril at a time, repeated 3-5 times
  • Dilute with water if urine is too strong


Throat, Tongue, Mouth

Gargling is extremely effective for any ailment in your mouth from toothache to a sore throat.

Dosage and Process Guidance: 

  • Use fresh urine for gargling
  • 10 seconds to 10 minutes


General Health, Cleansing, Bowels

The enema is a method used regularly as a means of flushing out the colon with water to reduce the risk of colon cancer. A urine enema can help clean the bowels and heal and regenerate bowel tissue as well as remove poisonous substances from the body during a long-term illness.

Colonic Irrigation is recommended because the intestines will absorb substances more easily than ingesting them orally. More direct exposure means more effective absorption.

Dosage and Process Guidance: 

  • Use fresh or aged urine
  • Keep the liquid inside of your intestinal tract for as long as possible
  • Expel the liquid from your body as it naturally allows


Body, Hair, Scalp Health, Skin, Blood Circulation

Another popular method, many prefer the external methodology of rubbing and massaging. This is able to be used for the whole body, (skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis), and to help with dandruff or hair loss.

Dosage and Process Guidance:

  • Old urine shows stronger results for skin concerns (if aging, place in glass bottles with cotton corking the lid, allowing for oxygen to still flow)
  • If using on the hair/scalp, massage urine in and let it work for at least 30 minutes
  • Wash off after about 15-30 minutes 
  • You can leave it on for higher results but aged urine will have a strong ammonia smell while fresh urine should naturally absorb 


Athlete’s Foot, Skin Problems, Eczema, Problems with Genitals and Anus

Soaking, especially a footbath, is very commonly used for athlete foot or other foot-related rashes. I’ve used this to repair my nearly broken ankle that should’ve taken weeks to heal yet I was walking in 4 days. 

Hip baths are very beneficial for any problems one might have with the anus (like hemorrhoids), or the genitals (like warts).

Dosage and Process Guidance:

  • Heated, cold, warm, and fresh urine can be used for a bath
  • Fresh or aged urine can be used for the footbath
  • Full soaking for an extended period (longer than 30 minutes) is recommended
  • Collect urine throughout one day so you will have enough to fill a tub about halfway
  • You can dilute with water if you need more liquid volume to fill the tub

Eye Drops:

Conjunctivitis, Eye Irritation, Burning Eyes, Tired Eyes

A solution for people looking for solutions to various eye problems. Improved eyesight may be a side effect of long-term use of eye drops.

Dosage and Process Guidance:

  • Boiled or fresh urine can be used here
  • You can always dilute eye drops with water if necessary
  • Administer eye drops a few at a time (3-5)

Steam Baths:

Skin Problems, General Cleansing of Toxins

Just like you would step in the sauna at a local health club, a steam bath using your own urine will remove toxins from your body through the skin. This is recommended by urine therapists, but few people have access to the necessary facilities to make this a regular home treatment.

Dosage and Process Guidance:

  • Use old Urine for a steam bath
  • You might mix old water with urine to create more steam
  • Stay in a steam bath for up to 20 minutes
  • Do not allow yourself to overheat


Full Body Detox

Always have this done by a professional.

Injection is sometimes used to get around drinking the urine for beginners. There have also been reports of this method working well to treat many forms of allergies.

Dosage and Process Guidance:

  • The injection site is always under the skin, into the muscle (usually the fat above the glute muscle)
  • Only a professional should perform this on you

Clay Pack:

Treating Wounds, Boils, Tumours, Toxins on the body

Clay packing is already effective when used with water, but this effect can be amplified when used with urine. Any specific area on the skin that has suffered from an injury or a growth can be treated utilizing a clay pack.

Dosage and Process Guidance:

  • Simply mix clay with boiled urine, pack the clay into the cloth, and place the cloth onto the affected area for 1 hour.

Boiled Urine:

Used in Compresses and Massages

Boiled urine stops the fermentation process and concentrates the urine by evaporating some of the water. More concentrated urine will be stronger in smell, but also amplify the healing effect.

Dosage and Process Guidance:

  • Simply bring urine to a boil and utilize it with any method where it is suitable.

Ionized Urine:

Method to Amplify all Treatments

Urine contains both acid-forming, and alkaline-forming minerals.

Ionization of the urine will provide amplified benefits, because the acid-forming minerals will be separated from the alkaline-forming minerals.

The acid-forming components of urine can then be used externally (for compresses, baths, etc.) and the alkaline-forming components can be used for internal use (fasting, eye drops, etc.)

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