Massage affected areas, injections, diet adjustments, clay compress, UV treatment.

Urine therapy seems to be the best cure for psoriasis. Dr. Rainer Holzhiitter writes in his book, “Urin Heilt”, nearly exclusively about treating psoriasis with urine since all other methods have proven that they dont work. I even heard reports about a court case concerning health insurance to pay for the bill of the doctor’s urine injections which was won and the insurance firm had to pay.

Tina White has sent me following case study: A middle-aged woman presented with psoriasis which had been a continuous condition only on her head for the last 12 years. Had also tried many and varied things. I went through the usual protocol of different ftatural remedies and talked openly to her about urine therapy. Reluctant at first, but managed to open her mind about it all and after that she left me with the suggestion of, each morning she wash her hair then rinse the hair with first mine collected from midstream. I leave on head for up to 20 minutes, then wash out. To her utmost surprise her condition has stopped and her hair is so soft. She now wants to stop taking the pill so she can take her urine homoeopathically each day. Hurray for Urine!






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